This "bill of sale" is to certify that on this _________day of ________________, 19____, _____________ ________________, hereafter known as "Seller" has sold the animal ___________________________________ Registration No. ______________________, to _________________________________________________, hereafter known as "Buyer" for the purchase price of $_________________. Buyer and seller mutually agree as follows: 1. Seller guarantees that he has full power to sell the animal; the title is clear and free from liens and is unencumbered; and further; he will defend the same against the claim or claims of all persons whomsoever. 2. Buyer agrees to purchase the animal as is. The title shall be transferred at the signing of the bill of sale and all responsibility of the animal shall transfer to the buyer at that time. 3. This bill of sale represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written agreement. 4. This bill of sale is made and entered in the State of __________, and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this state. When buyer and seller sign this contract, it will then be binding on both parties.
DESCRIPTION OF ANIMAL SEX YEAR FOALED BREED COLOR, MARKS, TATOOS, REG NO., ETC. ________________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Seller _______________________________________Date___________________ Signature of Buyer ______________________________________Date___________________ Witness ______________________________________________Date___________________ Witness ______________________________________________Date___________________