Moo-Lah Ranch
Shari Pratt                                                            Hard Rock Summer
32122 Senkler Rd                                                APHA Brn Tobiano
Worley, Idaho. 83876                                          200__ Breeding Season




  REG. NO._____________________________________________________
  CONDITION UPON ARIVAL___________________________________________
  CONDITION UPON DEPARTURE________________________________________
  FOAL INFORMATION__________________________________________________

  This Breeding Contract for the breeding season of 200__, is made and entered into this______day of_______, 200__, by and between Shari Pratt, hereinafter designated "BREEDER", and_________________________, hereinafter as "MARE OWNER".
  Mare owner agrees to have the mare____________________________________
Reg. No.___________ to the stallion known as "Hard Rock Summer", Reg. No. 288,156, for the service fee of $_________, for a Live Color Foal, subject to the following conditions:
  1. The stallion fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of $________, payable with this contract, the balance must be paid with all other expenses when mare is picked up. Mare owner will not remove mare from breeder's possession until all expenses are paid in full.
  2. Breeder agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feed of the mare and/or foal while in the breeders custody. Mare owner agrees to pay for the care and feed at the rate of $____per day dry, or $_____per day wet.
  3. Breeder will exercise judgment consistent with recognized standards in the care and supervision of mare and/or foal. Breeder assumes responsibility for arranging veterinarian and farrier services as necessary. Breeder's veterinarian will/can examine mare for normal breeding conditions and administer care as deemed necessary for the health and safety of the mare and/or foal. All veterinarian and farrier expenses will be paid by the mare owner.
  4. Mare and/or foal shall be halter broke.
  5. Mare if of "Impressive" lineage must have been Tested for HYPP and found n/n or breeder may refuse service of mare.
  6. The mare shall be in healthy and sound breeding condition, free from infectious, contagious, or tansmissable disease. A photostat of registration, proof of imunization, worming, HYPP Testing, clean culture, and coggins shall accompany the mare. Breeder reserves the right to refuse mare if not in satisfactory health. If mare is refused, the booking fee shall constitute liquidated damages.
  7. Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle mare; however, if the mare fails to settle, for any reason, mare owner will hold breeder blameless. Mare owner agrees to give breeder ample time to settle mare.
  8. This contract contains a "Live Color Foal Guarantee". A live foal is described as a newborn foal which stands and nurses without assistance for a period of 5 days. Color is described as having at least a 2" patch of white on body. If foal is born dead, or with no color, there are return privileges for the 200____ breeding season, only if breeder receives veterinarian statement confirming death. If after being pronounced safe in foal, the mare should miscarry, abort, or prove to be barren, the mare owner has the privilege to return mare for the current breeding season of 200__or the following year 200___.
  9. A "Breeder's Certificate/Stallion report" will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when stallion fee and all other expenses have been paid in full and mare is pronounced safe in foal.
  10. Breeder requests a picture taken of the foal within first 45 days of life, with name of foal and mare on back and mailed to breeder before breeders certificate will be issued to mare owner.
  11. The mare owner agrees that the breeder is not liable for death, sickness, and/or accident including consequential damages to the mare and/or foal unless such was by the willful negligence of the breeder.
  12. It is further agreed that if the stallion should die, be sold, or become unfit for service, any monies paid towards the breeding fee in which the mare has not been settled, will be 100% refunded. Less any mare care or other costs incurred.
13. This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable.
  14. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreement or promises verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated. This contract is made and entered into the state of Idaho, and will be interpreted under the laws of this state. When breeder and mare owner sign this contract, it will then be binding on both parties.
  15. Other conditions that apply__________________________________________

Breeder's signature____________________________Date____________________
Owner's signature_____________________________Date____________________
Booking fee of $__________________recieved on____day of__________200____