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We hope you enjoy the many pages we have compiled for you. Our ranch tour offers a variety of interest, photo's, live cam, video, articles, contracts and information. Please take a look at the links page. That is where you can take a virtual tour of our hunting trips, camping trips into the wilderness and 100's of other photo's, stories, information.

We take pride in our versatile horses that will bust cows out of the mountain one day, and then take the points at the show on the next. Our family does many horseback camping trips in the National Wilderness Areas and National forests. We also like to attend a few shows every year and we take them out hunting every fall and winter.


We believe a horse should be sound and strong well into it's senior years, and we breed for a good bone to help keep them sound. We believe that a horse should have a good disposition and mind, to make them easy to train, and wonderful to be around.

Our stallion "Hard Rock Summer" (Rocky) is homozygous and tested negative for the OLWS (overo lethal white syndrome) gene. Rocky is a wonderful producing stallion, who passes his height, bone, color and disposition on to his foals. Rocky not only sires wonderful foals, this stud is a using horse here on the ranch. We give riding lessons and use him as both a pack and a riding animal when hunting season comes around, but we also use him out with the cows and general ranch work.

Rocky is 16.2, 1550#. He has a wonderful pedigree and there are many pages of pictures of his foals to be seen. Be sure to visit those pages.


We take special care from the day a baby is born. They are imprinted and handled using Dr. Miller's methods for the first few weeks of life, then turned out only to come in for vaccinations, farrier and a touch up on spots we may have missed during the previous imprint sessions.

When the time comes, and the babies are ready, we turn them out in the mountains and forest on our acreage with their moms to learn to handle trail terrain. Almost all of our mares are not only momma's, they are also show and riding horses. Foals are taken with the mothers into the mountains on the camping trips and also to the shows. These are great life lessons for the foals and they are exposed to most everything by the time they are weaned.

We have added a special page for the foal lovers and cam watchers. We have live streaming video of our foaling stalls, and we also have a Chat room. Feel free to drop on in and visit real time with us this foaling season.

Don't forget to visit our links pages either. I have hundreds of photo's on the pages of adventures the horses, family and friends have done. Along with many other photo's from other family interests. You never know what I might have buried within the property lines of the ranch.

We are in the process of moving the main ranch house to the far side of the property. We will have progress photo's available also. Keep checking back.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit of the ranch. Please stop back in again as things around here are always happening and something has been updated for you to see. Happy trails!

We also run a large sheep farm! Visit Homestead Farm to learn about our big flock of Katahdin hair sheep, lambs for sale, dairy, and sheep’s milk products we produce and sell.