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Homestead Farm is a family owned and operated artisan farm located 30 miles from  Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, and Spokane, Washington. We are nestled in a valley of lush grass surrounded by mountains of pine tree’s and strips of quaking aspens. We work with the land and elements to produce the best natural lamb and sheep products that are healthy and beneficial to your body and skin and the environment.
We initially raised Columbians and Suffolk sheep. But soon we tired of the wool that needed to be sheared each year and knew our hard work could be used more efficiently. So, we did a lot of research and decided to switch to a shedding hair breed that gave good growth on lambs, a milder and leaner meat, and a good milk-producing sheep for cheese products. Homestead Farm is now focused on raising Katahdin sheep.

Washington State University (WSU) has been very helpful in providing information and suggestions for proper management and the set up of the lamb growing and milking operation. 
Homestead Farm is also Moo-Lah Ranch. The ranch breeds and sells horses.


Homestead Farm is a family owned and operated artisan farm just outside of Worley, Idaho, and has perhaps the largest flock of milking Katahdin sheep in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about the Katahdin breed of hair sheep HERE, and read our brochureto learn more about Homestead Farm.


Grass Fed

Our closely monitored flock is certified grass-fed.  This more natural feeding strategy results in organic lean meat with a milder taste, and exceptional sheep’s milk products. We are committed to raising our sheep as natural as possible. See www.eatwild.comto learn more about the health advantages of naturally fed lambs.

Learn more about our lambs for sale HERE.


Breeding Program

Homestead Farm’s breeding program is designed to improve the Katahdin breed by increasing size, improving milk production and encouraging rapid lamb growth. This program improves conformation and increases the number of lambs for market sheep, but we also like to encourage a more refined-looking head well suited for show lambs and breeding prospects.

Ewes can support more (and larger) lambs with higher milk production, and the increased quantity is also a dairy benefit.


Sheep’s Milk Products

Katahdin sheep are above average in milk production, and their milk is naturally rich. This exceptional quality sheep’s milk, coupled with the breed’s typically calmer disposition for easier handling, makes the Katahdin good candidates for milking.

At Homestead Farm  we have our own dairy. We produce handmade cheese, smudge (sheep’s milk fudge), and skin care products such as soap, lotions and creams. Learn more about our sheep’s milk products HERE.


Watch the Homestead Farm “Ewe Tube!”

We use cameras located around the property for farm security as well as monitoring the sheep. We stream camera video live online, and the public is welcome to watch. Various camera views might be in the barn monitoring pregnant ewes or newborn lambs, in the dairy, or flock monitoring on pasture.

Also check Shari’s Blog for periodic updates on Homestead Farm.



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