Reg# 288156 SEASON OF 200__
Please read Semen Shipping hints

Moo-Lah Ranch APHA Horses
Shari Pratt
32122 Senkler Rd
Worley, Id 83876
Phone No. (208) 686-1717

THIS AGREEMENT made on ______________, 200__, by and between, Shari Pratt,
(stallion owner) and ____________________________________(mare owner).

1. STUD FEE: Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00 booking fee included).

2. SHIPPING FEE: Is out of pocket expences only. Container, Fed-X, Collection of stallion.
Depending on what day is which of the two Vets we use and fee's vary.
No collection/shipment will exceed $225.00.

3. PAYMENT: Mare Owner agrees to pay Stallion Owner said money on the dates
indicated below:

Booking Date______________, 200___. Booking Fee = One Hundred Dollars ($100.00)

Mare will be required to be booked at least one month prior to breeding- perferably sooner. We will
accept bookings on a first come first serve basis. Booking will be limited. The remainder of the Stud
fees, the Shipping fee, and the Refundable Deposit for the Equitainer (see below) will be due 30 days
prior to expected breeding date, unless other arrangements have been made.

4. DEPOSIT FOR EQUITAINER: Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars deposit is required to insure
promt return of Equitainer. ($250.00 = Equitainer value ) Stallion Owner agrees to refund total
amount of said deposit to Mare Owner within One Week upon return of Equitainer to ranch, (or
upon notification of mare's confirmed pregnancy). A prepaid FedEx return shipment form for
overnight delivery will be enclosed with the Equitainer. Pickup for return shipment will scheduled for
the following day. Deposit will not be refunded if Equitainer is not returned to the Shari Pratt or
North Palouse Vet Clinic within one week from date recieved. Disposable containers can be used
so deposit is not required.

5. UTERINE CULTURE: Mare must have recent negative uterine culture before semen is called
for.  (Saves Mare Owner time & money)  A copy must be recieved by Ranch prior to shipping of

6. LIVE COLOR FOAL GUARANTEE: Stallion Owner guarantees to ship Live Semen with concentration
level adequate to inseminate one mare. In the event that Mare Owner's mare does not take and
become in foal, Stallion Owner agrees to breed that same mare again for no cost of additional Stud
fee consideration at any time during the same or next breeding season at Mare Owners requst after
mare has been veteninary checked and treated for genital tract infections. Mare Owner will be
responsible for any shipping fees and Equitainer deposits. "Live Color Foal" meaning able to stand and
nurse for at least 5 days after birth, and can be registered as  tobiano or overo due to
APHA color requirements.
 Mare Owner is required to give 3 vaccinations of Pneumabort-K to pregnant mare during 5th, 7th,
and 9th month of gestation. Mare Owner is encouraged to prevent mare's ingestion of fescue grass
or hay for at least 3 months prior to expected delivery date of foal.

In the event that said mare does not deliver a live foal, Stallion Owner agrees to give Mare Owner
the right to an additional service to said mare at any time within two years from the last date of
breeding said mare under this Agreement. Stallon Owner shall have no further liability hereunder for
servicing said mare.

7. REGISTRATION: Stallion Owner agrees to execute all necessary documents for the
registration of the offspring of the breeding. Stallion Owner will not be responsible for registration
fees for the foal. Stallion breeder requires a picture of foal within first 45 days after birth before
breeder's certificate for foal will be issued.

8. TERMINATION: Either party may terminate this Agreement for failure of other party to meet
any material terms of this Agreement. In the case of any default by one party, the wronged party shall
have the right to recover reasonable attorney's fees and court costs as a result of said default. In the
event that Stallion dies, or in any way becomes unfit for breeding, then this Booking Contract
becomes null and void and any deposit will be returned.

This Agreement is governed and shall be construed under the laws of the State of Idaho.

Signature____________________________________ Date: ____________
Stallion Owner, Shari R. Pratt

Signature___________________________________ Date: ____________
Mare Owner

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